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Club Room Usage

Club Room Usage Rules

If you bring it in, take it out.
    -do not leave food in the fridge, it will be thrown out
    -if you leave plates/napkins/utensils etc they are considered donated to the club
    -it is not a storage area for something you don't want to take home, if you leave it there it's considered the club's
If you take something out and use it, clean it up and put it away. This includes non-disposable utensils dishware, Keurig, etc.
Clean up
  • Throw away any trash
  • Empty the garbage ESPECIALLY if there is anything perishable in it or it's full.
  • Sweep the floor. If the broom isn't in there find one.
  • Wipe down counters and tables.
  • Put tables and Chairs back the way they were when you came in.
  • If you use the room to make posters clean up after yourself.  There shouldn't be a spec of glitter in there!
The Printer is not a place to set things on.
The TV should be put back by the corner.
Please be respectful of our property and take pride in keeping our space presentable.

Club Room Usage Schedule

Date Team/Group Time Notes
03/21/2023 Board Meeting 5:30 - 8:00
04/11/2023 Board Meeting 5:30 - 8:00

To reserve the room contact Samantha Kitzmann


Samantha Kitzmann

Phone: 701-426-8063