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Pixellot Live Stream


2/11/22-Pixellot is up and running!!!  Bear with us as we get the system figured out and work out the kinks!

YouTube Channel

Pixellot streams should be linked to our YouTube Channel for TV or Computer viewing

First Step

Download the App from either the PlayStore or AppleStore

Download the Pixellot Viewer App




Click on the magnifying glass and search for "Watford City Oilers" in Clubs.  Then ask to join.
Club members have to be approved so it might not happen right away.

Live Videos

Click on the "Live" tab and search for "Watford City Oilers". 

When searching for games at other locations their clubs might have them named as something else, like "Watford City", "WC Oilers" etc.

Here you will see either upcoming scheduled games or games that are live.


VOD is "Video on Demand"

here you can go back and watch old games that are saved

Create Clips

If there's a certain play you want to make a clip of and save you have the ability to do so here


Tag different plays within the game

Different Views

You can view the play in "HD" where the system automatically follows the play.  During warm-ups or Time-outs it will bounce back and forth.  The cameras are not manned by an individual but set to follow the play.

If you use "Pano" view, you can see the whole rink, but have the ability to zoom in on a certain area.  This will be nice for half-ice or cross-ice games so you can view just the game you are interested in if multiple games are going simultaneously.